A fabulous rare tall Marian Zwadzki for Tilgman's Keramik hand painted Mid-Century Swedish Studio Pottery ceramic vase c.1950s.

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A fabulous rare tall Marian Zwadzki for Tilgman's Keramik hand painted Mid-Century Swedish Studio Pottery ceramic vase c.1950s. The design features a stylish female figure with a stunning crown/headdress holding flowers and surrounded by exotic flowers and foliage. Tilgman's famous sgrafitto style is very much in evidence with fine lines carved into the background of the design through a light coloured glaze. The decorative areas are outlined with sgrafitto and then hand painted with overglaze.
Tilgman's Keramik was a pottery situated on the edge of Gothenburg in Sweden which operated from c.1948 - 1975. The pottery was set up by Paul Harald Tilgmann (1904 - 1974). The pottery has become famous as a result of the very distinctive and stylish Mid-Century modern designs developed by the artistic director at Tilgman's, Marian Zawadzki (1912-1978). Much of Marian Zawadzki's output was during the 1950s. Marian joined Tilgman's as a Polish refugee in 1953.
Marian developed a unique technique using sgrafitto which involved carving fine lines into the background of a design through a light coloured glaze and then onto a dark grey clay slip. This technique created a unique textured background which became synonymous with the Tilgman's style. The decorative areas are also outlined with a carved line and then hand painted with overglazes. Flowers, butterflies, fish and birds often feature in the designs. Other potteries copied the style as it was very sought after. 
Marian Zawadzki for Tilgman's
Incised signature on the base marked "Tilgman's J" 
Pottery - earthenware
In perfect condition with no chips, cracks or restoration 
Dimensions ( L x W x H )
16 x 16 x 41 cm or 6.29 x 16.29 x 16.14 inches
317 grams or 0.699 pounds
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