A Beautiful Edouard Cabane Painting - La Jeune Fille Avec Un Livre circa 1906

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A beautiful Edouard Cabane original oil painting set in a magnificent gilded frame - Jeune Fille Avec Livre c.1906. Cabane was born in Paris on 8th January 1957. A highly talented artist, he became a pupil of Adolphe William Bouguereau (1825-1905) and Tony Robert-Fleury (1838-1912) and began at the Salon in 1876. Cabane became a famous French artist winning many prizes for his outstanding work. He was awarded with a Distinction at the Salon in 1886 and at the Universal Exhibition in 1889, as well as a third class medal in 1903 and second class medal in 1907. Cabane won second prize in Rome in 1884 due to his highly academic painting, Le Serment de Brutus. He became a member of the French Artists Society in 1901 and regularly exhibited work there until 1932.

The Salis church in the Pyrenees has four large panels by Cabane and there are numerous paintings in museums, in particular the Beaux-Arts museum in Bordeaux and the Saint-Denis museum in Reims. Cabane painted the Chemin de Croix of the cathedral in La Rochelle. 

On occasions his work takes on an almost photographic quality, such as in Le Serment de Brutus , Le Manchon de Francine or Le Portrait de Mes Parents. His work was almost exclusively of women. Many of his portraits used wider brush strokes, creating a more hazy image more akin to impressionism. 


Edouard Cabane






Overall the canvas and gilded frame are in excellent antique condition. No restoration or tears. There are cracks on the canvas commensurate with its age. The gilded frame has some small imperfections.

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50cm x 10cm x 90cm 


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