Vic Reeves Lithograph from his Vast Book of Knowledge known as the "Kraken Attack" signed in pen

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In General
Vic Reeves the famous off beat comedian / TV personality and now well known artist produced an exclusive series of hilarious lithographs from Vic Reeves's Vast Book of Knowledge known as the "Kraken Attack"!! "The Kraken wakes from its slumber twice a year to devour frogmen and aquanauts. The rest of the year, it slumbers neath kelp"!!
This lithograph has been signed in pen by Vic Reeves. 
Maker and makers mark
Vic Reeves. Signed by Vic Reeves in pen. 
In excellent condition. There are some small areas of surface loss to the frame and some small marks, under the perspex on the card border covering the lithograph. There are also 2 small holes top and bottom where the card border has been held up with drawing pins before it was framed. Please see photographs.
Dimensions L x W x H
40.64 cm x 27.9 cm x 5 cm or 16 inches x 11 inches x 2 inches
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